Can it possibly be the middle of July?!!

Our year long adventure seems so long ago!  We have been busy getting settled in our home and getting ready for the fall.  Clay is back at work and has taken over as Program Head for the CADD program so he is busy getting things organized for all the staff.  The kids are trying to go to everybodies house for a playdate -  to make up for their year of absence!  Clay and I have been out in the yard since 7:30am this morning cutting grass, pulling weeds, shovelling dirt and gravel, moving rocks (and not little ones!!) planting a few new trees, re-staining the deck and window trim and now at 3:13pm I am trying to type with shaky hands!!  Love yard work, especially when you can see the improvement!!  Remember to pop out for a visit if you get a chance.  Your open invitation is still there!!!  Smiles and enjoy your weekend!


To the best Dad & Husband anyone could ask for!  We love you to the moon and back… (can you believe we are back in God’s country with the WIND!! – didn’t miss that did we!)



Photos to share…

Tuesday, June 12 4:30am and we are starting to pack in pouring rain!!!

A tent, 4 zombie children, 6 sleeping bags, pillows, stuffies, etc do not mix well with THUNDER & DOWN POUR of RAIN!!!  Could only feel a gentle mist inside the tent so during a small break we directed the zombies into the van and continued to pack up soggy bedding and a very wet tent!!  Off we go!  Tim Hortons first! then Timmons, Ontario and maybe a hotel???  Please Clay???

Some photos of the kids fishing!  This is all they did for the past two days along with boating!  Very relaxing and fun time by all of us, I even made then do a bit of school work before the fishing continued…

Sunday, June 10 we finally get to relax!!

Pulled into the KOA just outside Thunder Bay and have been welcomed by a great host Family!  Greg & Gina and their two teenage children.  Made us feel right at home and the kids are loving it!!  May have to stay longer than a night!  We enjoyed Quebec City and Ottawa city and learnt and saw a tone of wonderful things.  Here are a few photos to peek at.

A few fun photos…

We drove through New Brunswick into Nova Scotia and spent the night at the Halifax KOA.  The next morning it was on to Chuck & Shirley’s.  We spent two nights with them and then headed to Cavendish, PEI.  The drive over the Confederation Bridge was windy but really cool!  We are staying at the KOA in Cavendish.  Because of the rain we opted for a cabin.  Today we are heading to Anne of Green Gables!  Tomorrow we head to Quebec City. (another long drive!!)


Just for Auntie Ashley – Happy Birthday Love Chuck & Shirley.