Happy Easter Everyone!!


Yesterday was Good Friday and we are amazed that here in the Bible belt businesses are not closed?  We are quite surprised but we started the day by giving each of the kids their very own Bible.  They were so excited and immediately started reading and asking questions.  CB’s was a book with all the Bible stories in them and he was very happy to see it had pictures!!  So funny!  But I am so happy that they love to hear all those wonderful stories, it probably helps that I enjoy reading them out loud so we can all learn and talk about them together.  After lunch we headed down to the pool and spent the day enjoying family time.  I love watching our kids enjoy the water and each other!   Clay joined us, with his pile of articles he had to read, and we sat by the pool for a few hours enjoying the outdoors, sun, sounds of our kids laughter, taking pictures, and reading.  Little Beth has a Kindle and we have all discovered how wonderful it is!  I am currently reading Mary Beth Chapman’s book and I need a box of kleenex beside me!  What a fabulous book!  WB is reading the Hunger Games series along with taking an online class.  He is really enjoying it and what parent wouldn’t be proud to see their children enjoying BOOKS!!  CB discovered how fun it is to read on the Kindle so sometimes we all want it at the same time!!

Saturday morning and the sun is shining!  The kids are up and ready to go!  We took off and walked to downtown Pendleton for the Spring Fling.  We loaded up with sunscreen, hats, sunscreen and the camera.  The closer we got to downtown the happier we were that we walked!  Wow, people everywhere!  It was awesome and with over 350 vendors – where do you start?  Stained glass, photography, jewellry, oil paintings, watercolors, weaving, sewing, woodwork, iron work, leather work, cotton candy, boiled peanuts, turkey drumsticks, jumbalya, funnel cakes, and of course the famous BBQ pulled pork!  You name it and it was probably there.  For those of you with girls you will understand the photo that I am including.  When Little Beth was small she loved, loved, loved anything princessy, fuzzy, sparkly and I think that is still with her.  Today was no different!  We came across the tutu store and she NEEDED one…

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