We are back up and running! ~ May 6, 2012

Sorry about the down time with our website, we had to change host site, but we are up and running so keep checking back to see what we have added.

We are getting very excited about our trip back home to Canada.  We are on the countdown and working at finishing up all the campground & hotel bookings.  Clay is currently waiting for three more grades for this semester.  Last semester he received five “A’s” and so far this semester he has received two “A’s”!!  We are super proud of the hard work he put in and are looking forward to his graduation on Friday, June 11, 2012.  The kids are really excited to see Dad in his gown, hood and cap! Pictures will definitely be taken so check back!

The weather has been pretty wonderful 30C+ – so needless to say a lot of time down at the pool…

We have spent a lot of time praying for Grandad and his operation.  We were so lucky to talk with Auntie last night over Skype and hear all about Grandad and how he is harassing the nurses!  He must be doing good to be doing that already – love you Grandad!

Here are some of our fun pool shots…

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