Our ADVENTURE back to CANADA has begun…

We managed to get our stuff packed up and loaded into our 5X8 trailer and the van.  Can I tell you how much I REALLY, REALLY hate packing, especially all that last stuff!  We left a whole lot of stuff behind and the family moving into our unit will definitely be very happy.  Oh well, it is only STUFF and we know how much that really means in the big picture!  We had a wonderful ride to Fayetteville, with fabulous weather and lots of great photos.  We arrived in Fayetteville, North Carolina Wednesday, May 16 at my cousins home.  We were welcomed with open arms and from that moment on we felt at home and so comfortable.  I’m not saying that with surprise just a lot of warm fuzzy feelings because Dale and I were super close and good friends growing up and with him joining the army we haven’t been able to spend much time together over the past 20 years.  But time did not put distance between us – they loved our kids and our kids love them back with all their heart and soul!  They are already talking about when we go back to Rob & Katie’s…  Do you think Dale and Deb would like us to visit again because we sure would like to… and it is nonstop!  I love it!!  Dale had to show our kids his very cool walking stick that he made with his pin dremelled into the handle area and since we left their home WB has been researching daily!  What is he researching?  Let me tell you (Dale!!)  He is trying to find out how he can find a diamond willow stick.  He has discovered that they are in northern AB, northern SK, and now he is looking in Maine, Atlantic provinces, and all the other stops on our way home!  I keep telling him we do not have room for a 5foot stick!  (Dale you know we have NO room for that!!  Keep laughing…)

He has had the tape measure out to find his height so he can see what length of stick he needs. Now he is searching for a Saskatchewan Roughrider pin so he can put that into his walking stick just like yours.  Dale, it has been nonstop!  WB will obsess over this for the next month but we also want to thank you (Dale) for sharing your walking stick and showing your excitement about nature and working with your hands, with our son – he will never forget!

Our kids were so excited to meet their COUSINS that this picture will definitely be framed and put up on our wall…

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