USA Project

A great project for all four of our Canadian Children, learning about the United States, all 50 states!!  This will be exciting!!  I took all the states and divided them between the 4 kids. They were given a map for each of their states which they needed to colour, label the capital city, label two other cities, then cut it out and glue it to a piece of construction paper.  Then they had to Label the name of the State and also the State nickname.  The second page included a drawn and coloured picture of the state flag.  WB chose to research the NFL teams and draw the logo.  Little Beth chose to research country singers for that state, JR chose hockey/sport teams and CB chose to research the state song.  So much information and so fun to learn together.







I found a wonderful USA map puzzle that was double sided.  The map was on the one side and on the other side it had a description of each state.  They put the puzzle together and then they mode lodged it together to make the cover of the book.  This became the cover of the USA book and for the back of the book we used cardboard and mode lodged red/white & blue paper on it.  We used metal rings to hold the book together.

The kids are very proud of what they accomplished and we look at it often.  We also add to it quite often.  February 20 was President’s Day.  What better way to learn and celebrate than to research!!  CB chose to research Barack Obama, JR chose  George W. Bus, Little Beth chose George Washington and WB chose JFK.  They each found the basic information for each of their president and then they had to choose two events that happened during their presidency and write about them.

February is African American month.  I read to the kids about slavery in the 1800′s and the story behind Martin Luther King, JR.  While I read each of the kids had a picture of a famous African American to colour.  These were their choices:

Rosa Parks is known as the “mother of the Civil Rights movement.”  1955.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a minister, civil rights leader, and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play for a Major League baseball team, the Brooklyn dodgers. 1947.

Joseph Winters invented the fire escape ladder. 1878.

Another section in the USA Book is Washington, DC.  So much to learn about that we chose specific things that we hope to see on our trip home.  Our plan is to stop in Washington, DC and visit some of these sites.

The WhiteHouse, Judicial Centre, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Arlington National Cemetery, Smithsonian Institute.

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