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If you had asked me two months ago if I would put a Harry Potter project together for our kids, I would have said without hesitating, “No”.  Things change when you take a step back and see the interest that the children have in the subject.  Maybe it will be interesting, maybe we will all learn some fun stuff and maybe it will spark another topic that we can study!  I have found myself stepping into places and things that I would not have normally ventured.  Having our children’s education placed in my hands and under my complete direction it has definitely challenged my and moved me out of my comfort zone.  My choices, my excitement, my involvement all impact the way our children respond to this new way of schooling, therefore I have taken some chances.  This is definitely one of those CHANCES!  We are in full swing in our Harry Potter Unit Study!  I am hoping to be able to share with you some of the things we are doing.  I began by creating their Harry Potter books.  These books will have all their written information, stories, poems, and the many questions & answers that I have found.  There is word searches and lots of drawings (hopefully).  The first thing we enjoyed doing after they created the covers to their books was answer the 12 questions that would get them sorted into the HOUSE. (like the sorting hat in the movie)  Four children, and we managed to get the 4 different houses. (there was a bit of doctoring on the answers to get the one house)

WB – Gryffindor   Little Beth – Slytherin   JR – Ravenclaw   CB – Hufflepuff

Now besides finishing up year six and year seven (part 1 & 2) they are creating their very own wand.  They researched the types of wood to use, according to the celtic tree calendar (Rowling used this calendar for her research), drawing their designs and then shopping for the necessary materials.  They each used the dremel and carved their artwork into their wands.  After sanding they added a bit of color, them stain and finished with varnish! (look under each House to see their wands)

CB was playing around with some clay and created this wonderful “Sorting Hat” – which you saw in the movie.  We baked it and this is the result.Next CB will paint it and we will show the end results…






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  1. I completely approve of this project! It sounds amazing and I wish I could be there with you guys to do it :) If you have any questions feel free to ask. I live in a Harry Potter loving environment so I know a lot. But then again…you all might end up teaching me a thing or two based on this project ;)

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