Ripple FX

Business Name: RIPPLE FX

Tag: “Creating waves of memories…”


When my husband and I came up with our business name and the tag we knew it was exactly what we wanted!  It was everything that I try to express through the work that I create.  Whether it is the photo memories, classes, scrapbooks, birthday parties or the special family slideshows/photobooks that I have created – they have all “CREATED WAVES OF MEMORIES”!

Memories are  created by an event,  big or small – happy or sad, and memories are definitely a passion of mine.  I wish for everyone to “FEEL” their very own memories!  If I can be an aid (through creating photobooks, scrapbooking, slideshows) in preserving those memories so they can be cherished, I have accomplished my goal!

Over the next year, September 2011 – August 2012, I will be based out of South Carolina.  I will still be offering to create Christmas cards, invitations, photo books for those looking for that UNIQUE gift, you can contact me through email: