April 12, 2007  (Blue Heeler/Border Collie cross)

Nara is a wonderful, smart and loving dog.  She listens well and has many tricks she can do: sit, shake a paw, lay down, roll over, catch & return (for hours and hours).  She loves to play with a soccer or basketball and will bark at it, pick it up with her nose and bounce it high into the air with her nose – over and over.  When the boys are out playing hockey she will catch the hockey puck and bring it back to them!  CRAZY!  Nara loves to swim in the lake, when we go out to kayak she will swim beside the boats or keep crossing the lake so she is near us.

Nara is extremely protective of the kids and whenever they are outside playing and she is on the deck, if one of them screams or giggles loudly she will take off and go make sure they are all ok!  What a fabulous dog!!  We love her so much…

In April 2007, Nara and Levi (a friends male Catahoola/Heeler cross) had 4 puppies.  We kept a male puppy and named him Nitro.  The other puppies all went to fabulous homes!  We are fortunate to be able to see one of the puppies often.  Chris, April, Brody & Sidney Williams have the female puppy and they named her Newt!

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