We are not a family to just try one adventure at a time!!  Let’s pile those adventures together all at once…

Not only did we uproot our family and pets from their home life but we changed their schooling as well!  Homeschooling.

The KIDS comments about HOMESCHOOLING: cool, awesome, fun, can we sleep in?, we can wear our jammies?, no homework?

MOM’S thoughts about homeschooling: WOW!, can I do it?  what if I harm their education?  WOW!, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, WOW!, my mind is spinning with opportunities and ideas, WOW!, so many wonderful opportunities for all of us, work on our relationships, work on respect, work on asking questions and looking for the answers, WOW – are we really doing this?, working together and understanding that we all learn the same thing but DIFFERENTLY!  Create information to take back and teach Seven Persons!! FUN, EXCITING, WHAT AN UNBELIEVABLE OPPORTUNITY.  WOW! To have the opportunity for our children to see their Dad go back to University – do homework – study – write papers, along side their own learning will be fabulous!!  WOW!!!  I CAN do this and I know that we will have a fabulously, memorable year…

We found these desks down the road at a pond shop – $5.00 each!!  The kids love them and it helps them stay in the school mode…


2 thoughts on “Homeschooling

  1. Of course you can do it!! You are “Sheila the magnificent”!! Love you guys and it was wonderful chatting with all of you the other day. Love Auntie Pance

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