C. Hot Air Balloon Ride

What a great opportunity!  Just down the road from where we are living the local Scout group is doing a fundraiser (hot dogs, pop, popcorn and hot air balloon rides!)  We finish watching the big game (Clemson University vs Florida – we WIN!!) and head to the field down the road for a ride.  $5.00 per person and you get into the basket and float up 100 – 150 feet.  I obviously have the camera so Clay goes with the kids and gets in the basket.  Unfortunately “Sir, you are going to have to get out, but I promise to take you next.”  Yup, Clay had to get out because they couldn’t get off the ground!!  Heeheehee!!  Lots of chuckling…  The kids are up and it is very hard to see them but they definitely have smiles.  The kids come down and get out and Dad gets his ride, much higher and longer!  Afterwards we talked with a couple of the Mom’s and got all the information for joining the boys up with Scouts!  Sorry McClay :(


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