Christmas is coming…

Those of you that know me, know how much I absolutely LOVE Christmas!  My favorite holiday of them all!  This year however, I have NO decorations here in South Carolina!


We discussed it as a family and decided to decorate with the Clemson colors (orange, purple, black & white)  We will buy a few things but not a lot, and the rest will be handmade!  (right up my alley)  Well, we went to Walmart superstore and found some great fabric and I will hand quilt us a tree skirt.  No, I did not bring my sewing machine but I am sure wishing I had!

I have noticed Clay searching the internet for a basic machine that doesn’t cost much – maybe he is going to surprise me?!

I have made quite a few of these  crazy quilt skirts and I love to sit and enjoy stitching. (My Mom, Ashley, France, Aunt Lila, Renee, Anne & Wade all have one of my quilted tree skirts)  I haven’t had time in the last few years so this is going to be fun.  The whole family helped me pick out the material and I have started it…

One thought on “Christmas is coming…

  1. Sounds like you guys are having a ton of fun down there!! We are making our own Christmas tree this year, we are gonna just take regular tree branches in a pail and paint them and hang our decorations on it. Including the angel we got from you guys!! I will post a picture when we are done!! Have a great Xmas and an Awesome Disney adventure!!

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